I did a traditional jewellery apprenticeship in my native Copenhagen before graduating with first class honours from London Metropolitan University in 1999.

For 11 years I had a shop and workshop in Gabriels’ Wharf on London’s Southbank before moving to the iconic Oxo Tower where I was for 6 years.

My work is rooted in my traditional jewellery training and my Scandinavian background.

One of a kind jewellery is mainly what I love to do. Each piece unique and with its own distinct personality.

I prefer strong and simple shapes, and my pearls and diamonds unusual - and often with imperfections. Perfect is great and can be just what you want, but a little inclusion, bump or flaw can add character to a stone or a pearl. And this is what I keep being attracted to when I source my gems.

I have been lucky enough to exhibit at the amazing annual Goldsmiths' Fair in London for many years, as well as many other shows and fairs in the UK and abroad.

In September 2020 I closed my beloved shop in the Oxo Tower, but I feel very fortunate that I can continue to work and still connect with customers and an audience, and I am sure that this new way will bring new and exciting results.